10 Images that will make you want to visit Mongolia

Mongolia. Where nomads still roam the country and open skies reach as far as the eye can see.
This relatively unknown corner of the world is one of the least densely populated countries in the world, and has so much to offer.
Amazing landscapes, animals and sunsets.

Wild Horses

They still roam the country, wild and free.

Open Skies

As far as the eyes can see, the sky just keeps going.

Ever Changing Landscapes

From the desert to rock formations. You will find it all in Mongolia.


Not your typical hotel. Sleeping in a ger (yurt) is something you have to experience once in your life.


Nomads still roam the country


Every day the sky will treat you to spectacular sunset.


You might not expect these in Mongolia, but they are indigenous to the country.

Gobi Desert

Sand dunes as far as the eyes can see.

Open Roads

Roads you will have completely to yourself.

Goats a plenty

They never come alone and love to come and say hello.



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