10 Images that will make you want to visit the Philippines

The Philippines has over 7,000 islands. Only 2,000 are inhabited.
Home to the most beautiful beaches, fascinating animals and spectacular sunsets.


From Boracay to El Nido, the beaches in the Philippines will not disappoint


The Chocolate Hills are located in Bohol. The funny shaped hills are made of grass-covered limestone.


I love a good sunset. The sunsets on Boracay are some of the best I’ve ever seen.


With over 7,000 islands it is hard to choose where to go. Do you party on Boracay or relax on El Nido? The choice is yours.


The Filipinos are warm and welcoming.


These little creatures are called tarsiers.
No bigger than your hand and weigh in at just over 100 grams. They are an endangered species, but can visited at the Tasier Sanctuary in Bohol, which helps with protecting them.


Found on many of the islands. They make for a refreshing moment in the day.


Fresh seafood, Adobo or even balut (a delicacy in the Philippines, it is an egg with a developing bird embryo…..).

Crystal Clear Waters

Take a dip in the most crystal clear water.


Zip line through the rain forest.



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