Ski Instructor & Chalet Host

If you love skiing, this could be the perfect job for you.
Spend the winter in snowy mountains. Teach during the day and enjoy the apres-ski at night.


If you do not know how to ski or do not have the teaching qualifications, but would like to play in the snow, you could work as a chalet host. There is cooking and housekeeping involved, but you also have time off during the day to go skiing.


Ski-instructor – Teach people the skills of skiing

Chalet Host – Being the host of chalet will include cooking meals and housekeeping.


Ski-instructor – You will need to be qualified to teach. The qualifications are different per country.
When working in Europe it helps if you speak one of the following languages: German, English, Dutch, French and/or Italian.

Chalet Host – No experience needed, but will come in helpful.


Ski-instructor – The job is 7 days per week during the ski-season, and you will teach during the day.

Chalet Host – Most jobs will be 6 days per week. With the longest day of the week being the change-over day. You might work up to 15 hours that day. Other days you will need to be in chalet for breakfast and dinner, and do the housekeeping, but you will have some time to go skiing most of the days.


Ski-instructor – The pay is not actually that bad, however the cost of living is not cheap in most destinations. More experienced teachers will earn more than a first year teacher. You will have your lift pass and other perks included.
You can earn extra with teaching private lessons and might make a bit more with tips.

Chalet Host – Expect to be paid minimum wage as a beginner, but accommodation, lift pass, transport and meals are included.

Room & Board

Ski-instructor – Sometimes included

Chalet Host – Included


Wherever there are mountains, wherever there is snow.
Popular destinations are in Europe (France, Italy, Austria and Switzerland) and Canada (Whistler and Banff). But do not forget New Zealand (Queenstown) and Australia (Mount Kosciuszko)

How to get the job


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