House Sitter

Okay, this is not technically a job, although there might be some work involved if you are dog or cat sitting. But house sitting is a great way to save money.


There a lots of people that offer their house to others, while they are away on holiday or business. For them it is knowing their house (and pets) are in safe hands, for you it is a free holiday.


Taking care of the house and keeping it in good condition. Often they have pets that you would have to take care of.


No experience needed, but it helps if you have good references.


As it is not technically a job, there are no hours. But you will be house sitting for anything from a week up to a couple of months.


It is unlikely that you will be paid to house sit.

Room & Board

You get more than just a room, you get a whole house! But will have to pay for your own food.


All over the world, but popular in Europe and the USA.

Different types of house sitting

Sometimes it is just taking of the house, other times you will also take care of the pets and run a few errands for the owner.

How to get the job


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