Hotels, Hostels & Resorts

A great way to live abroad is work in hotel, hostel or resort.
There are an array of different positions available, so there is a good change there will be a job for you.


Working in a hotel, hostel or resort will look great on your C.V.
You can do it for a season or make a career out of it.


For certain positions experience is needed, for other positions you can start at entry level.


Hotels, hostels and resorts are open 24/7, so night shifts will be part of the job.


Entry level positions will start at minimum wage. Management positions will be rewarded with a better salary.

Room & Board

Some hotels have crew area’s, in this case room and board will be included.


All over the world.

Different types of jobs in a hotel, hostel or resort

A hotel has a range of specialty departments such as Front Office, Housekeeping, Kitchen, Food & Beverage Service, Entertainment, and Administration.

How to get the job


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