Diving Tres Grotes and San Antao – Cape Verde

Cape Verde are a group of islands off the northwest coast of Africa in the Atlantic Ocean, about half way to Brazil.
A group of islands with a rich history and beautiful beaches.

With many dive sites the island of Sal is worth a visit.
I did my dives with Scuba Caribe, a dive school at the Riu Garopa Hotel.


Diving at Thes Grotas and the shipwreck San Antao was amazing. Very different from the blue waters in Asia, these sites offer great marine life, caves and a 650,000 tonnes wreck which sank in 1966.

The caves are at a maximum depth of 18 meters and filled with a lot of fish.
When you first swim in, it feels like you are just swimming into a dark whole, but soon your eyes adjust to dark and you are rewarded with plenty of marine life.

San Antao is a shipwreck which lies in just 12 meters of water. The ship is broken into three sections and you can enter from multiple sides and swim through the wreck.
Many puffer fish visit the wreck, along with eels.






Other things to do on Sal, Cape Verde

Relax on the beautiful beaches


Visit the town of Santa Maria


Buy fish from the locals


Discover the island by jeep



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