Insect Food Market – China

When travelling in Asia in my early backpacking days, I came across the fried insects for the firs time. Deep fried spiders in Laos, and every bug under the sun in Thailand. I always politely declined. But when I was in China, curiosity go the better of me and I decided it was time to try a bug,

I have an adventurous appetite. I love trying new food. I enjoy the surprise flavours of something I have never tasted before and do not shy away from eating something weird and crazy.
My highlight is still while working on a cattle station in Australia. I had to catch a calf with a lasso, wrestle it to the ground, brand mark it, castrate him and then barbecued his balls for dinner.

While in Beijing the opportunity to eat a bug presented itself to me. The infamous Donghuamen Night Market. Stalls full of creepy crawlies, some I have never seen before, let alone know the name of.
This is heaven for daring foodies. I proclaim to be one of them, so off to the market I go.

The market is very busy, mostly with other crazy tourists like me that want to say they have eaten an insect.

The market vendors are eager to offer me something and proudly display their lovely buffet of bugs.
O look, shrimp! I like shrimp. But what is that next to it????

Food market China

I come across scorpions, centipedes, cockroaches, silkworms, grasshoppers and spiders. Why did I want to do this again?

It is time to make up my mind. What am I gonna eat?
I take a closer look at the spiders. But I can’t. I just can’t.
What about a cockroach? I image it bursting when I bite it and the juices trickling down my chin. That is a no.
I settle on a grasshopper.

Hmmmmm, crunchy. It is not so bad actually.

I did it! I ate a bug!
Next time I will try a cockroach…….maybe.

My friend on the other hand decides that this is enough, this was the first and last bug she will ever eat.


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