Have a drink they said…. – Mongolia

While staying with the family in a ger, we were invited to come and have a drink with them. We were up for that, as we had been drinking nothing but water for days. We got visions of vodka and other alcoholic beverages.
We should have known better…..
Once we sat down we were offered fermented goat’s milk.
I had heard about it before I left, but was sure it could not be as bad as it was described.
And I love goat’s cheese, how different could it be? Well, very different!


I don’t know how it is made, and I am scared to look it up. I don’t think I want to know.
All I know is that it looked like it had been sitting there for days, or weeks. Uncovered. We could see the dead flies floating in the milk. But they kindly fished them out for us.

My mom raised me to always try what is offered to me. And curiosity got the better of me. I wanted to try it.
We were each handed a huge soup bowl of milk. I was really planning on finishing it all, but after seeing the size of the bowl I knew I couldn’t.
Slowly bringing the bowl to my lips, I took a small zip. The warm liquid passed my lips. I could feel the lumps. Was that a fly they missed? The taste buds on my tong went in overdrive. Mother F*cker!!!! This sh*t is terrible!
Sour with a funny after taste. I manage to hide my disgust. Keep smiling. Be polite. I manage to say ‘hmmmmm’.
Do I have to take a second sip?
Next to me my friend hasn’t quite worked up the courage yet and is looking at me. I fake a smile, lie through my teeth and tell her it is not so bad.
I convince her to give it a try.
She brings the bowl to her lips, takes a sip and……. says out loud what I was thinking! Combined with some unpleasant noises! She is not able to hide her true feelings and even spits it back out in the bowl.
I still want to be respectful and gather up all my courage and manage a second sip. But it is even worse than the first time. I decide this is where I draw the line. This is not for me.

Earlier that day……



Mongolia Facts

This undiscovered part of the world offers wide open spaces. The way of travel makes it very unique. Just dirt roads without any signs or directions. You will feel that you have the whole country to yourself.       It has an impressive history. It was once the largest empire in the world. Bordered by Russia to the north and China to the south. It is the most sparsely populated fully sovereign country in the world, with a population of around 3 million people. It is also the world's second-largest landlocked country. (Wikipedia)

Special mention: I travelled with Khongor Expedition.  We put together our own custom made private tour, which included a pick up from the airport and drop off at the train station, 2 nights in their hostel, 12 day tour with driver and all meals included for $1200. I shopped around and found this the best value for money.
Capital Ulaanbaatar
Best time to go Summer
Time Zone GMT +8
Currency Tugriks
Visa Required
Buget $100 per day, including tour

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