Dude, where is my ger? – Mongolia

‘Are we sleeping in a tent tonight?’
Our driver answers in his best English; ‘No, no tent! Ger!’
Ok, point taken, a ger is not a tent.
So what is a ger? A ger is also called a yurt. And is a round shaped traditional Mongolian
‘house’ (due to lack of a better word, as we are not allowed to call it a tent). There is a wooden frame (similar to a tent frame), covered with sheep’s wool. And the outside is covered with plastic, to make it waterproof, like the cover of a ……. I wanna say tent…….
As the Mongolians are Nomads, a ger is easy to assemble and dismantle. Much like, you guessed it; a tent!


Once inside though it is a different story. The inside is covered with brightly coloured fabric. There are pictures of the Dalai Lama , budda statues and the Mona Lisa. In one ger there was even a picture of Prince William and Kate!
There are full sizes beds, a sink (but no running water), a freezer (but no electricity), carpets, chairs and tables. Ok, I get it, it is more like a house.

A family will have multiple gers. One will be used as the family room, the other as the kitchen and the third as a bedroom.
The family offered us their ‘bedroom’. We were unable to find out where they slept, as the rest of the gers did not have beds in them.

We also stayed in ger camps, which consists of a larger group of gers.
Make sure you remember the colour of your door, because after a midnight visit to the wonderful toilets I struggled to find my ger.
Once I managed to find it and got back into bed I could hear the sounds from the outside and saw the moonlight through the cover. So beautiful. Just like as if you are in a tent.


Mongolia Facts

This undiscovered part of the world offers wide open spaces. The way of travel makes it very unique. Just dirt roads without any signs or directions. You will feel that you have the whole country to yourself.       It has an impressive history. It was once the largest empire in the world. Bordered by Russia to the north and China to the south. It is the most sparsely populated fully sovereign country in the world, with a population of around 3 million people. It is also the world's second-largest landlocked country. (Wikipedia)

Special mention: I travelled with Khongor Expedition.  We put together our own custom made private tour, which included a pick up from the airport and drop off at the train station, 2 nights in their hostel, 12 day tour with driver and all meals included for $1200. I shopped around and found this the best value for money.
Capital Ulaanbaatar
Best time to go Summer
Time Zone GMT +8
Currency Tugriks
Visa Required
Buget $100 per day, including tour

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