Welcome to Landlust Around the World

Hi, I’m Cindy.
With a last name like Landlust I was born to travel. And so I did.
I have been traveling for more than half of my life and with this travel blog I hope to inspire and advice you to start traveling too.
Here I share my adventures and travel tips with you.
This travel blog will hopefully excite you to start traveling too.

Gain valuable travel advice and resources, find jobs around the world, read about destinations around the world and  funny travel stories, view inspiring travel photography and find the best places to eat.



What to pack for your trip. Where to find the best travel deals. How to travel short and fast, or long and slow. Which places to avoid and where to go next.



Learn more about the many countries I visited and adventures I had on the road. How to use a toilet in Mongolia. Secret places to visit in London and the best diving spots around the world.



Work less, travel more!
I have worked on cruise ships,  at American Summer camps, as a holiday rep, represented tourist boards and many other jobs.
Learn how you can do it too.



Get inspired by the best scuba diving sites around the world.
Read all about amazing (and less amazing) food to eat . As a keen photographer I share my photography tips and images with you.

Where I’ve been Around the World……

…..and where I’m going.
From the South Pacific to the Norwegian Fjords, from Saint Lucia to Mongolia and many countries in between.
I have been to many places, but still want to travel to many more. I am traveling the world one country at a time.
Soon to come are Greece and South East Asia.


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